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December 2015 HRPP Newsletter

In an effort to increase communication, transparency, and collaboration in the research community, the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) would like to share IRB data from last month and historical context for the information.

This first graph highlights the number of submissions received over the last year (November 2014-November 2015). A monthly average of 217 studies and associated requests has been submitted for that period. During the month of Novemberber 2015 the IRB received a total of 252 submissions.

IRB Submissions by Review Type, December 2015The second graph, below, highlights the average review time per month. The IRB continues to strive to maximize the efficiency of review for full board, exempt and expedited categories. The average review turnaround time for all submissions during the month of November improved by more than two weeks—from 24 days in 2014 to 6 days in 2015—continuing the trend of significant reduction across all review types.Average IRB Turnaround Time, December 2015

Holiday Schedule: Our office will close during the University of Tennessee’s winter holidays, Dec. 21-25, and again on Jan. 1, 2016. The office will be open on days the university is open. Please use our main phone line, 865-974-7697, and email address,, Dec. 28-31 to ensure you are directed for immediate assistance since some staff members may be on vacation. Your submissions may not be processed as quickly as usual during the last couple weeks of December due to the university closure. We appreciate your patience and hope you have a wonderful winter break.

TIP of the month: Are you planning to submit an IRB application, but have questions or need some guidance? Schedule a consult with one of our team members. Our staff members are happy to answer your questions, discuss special topics that may impact your research, and help you to resolve issues that may otherwise delay approval of your research.

Contacts: If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact any of our team members.

HRPP Staff Telephone Email
Main Office Blount Hall, 1534 White Avenue 974-7697
Sara Mulville IRB Compliance Specialist 974-2314
Tammy Loy IRB Compliance Specialist 974-2457
DeAnna Parker Administrative Specialist 974-2474
Kristine Hershberger IRB Compliance Officer for CEHHS, CAD, COE, COL, CON and non-academic administrative units 974-7687
Laura Moll IRB Compliance Officer for CAS, CASNR, Business, CCI, CSW and CVM 974-7494
Institutional Official Department Telephone Email
Robert Nobles Office of Research & Engagement 974-3053
 IRB Leadership  Department  Telephone  Email
Colleen Gilrane,
Theory & Practice in
Teacher Ed
Marlys Staudt,
Vice Chair
Social Work 974-7502
Tami H. Wyatt,
Vice Chair
Nursing 974-6804