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March 2016 HRPP Newsletter


Volume 2, Issue 3

In this issue:

  • Tip of the Month: Easily Determine Submission Status in iMedRIS
  • Training Opportunities
  • IRB Metrics Update
  • Contact Information

March 2016

We hope you enjoyed a well-deserved rest last week during UT’s Spring Break. While you were gone, our staff was busy reviewing your IRB submissions. As always, please remember to respond as quickly as possible to submission request changes as the faster we receive your responses, the faster we can approve your studies.

HRPP Staff

Tip of the Month:  Easily Determine Submission Status in iMedRIS

We have had many calls and emails recently asking about the status of studies, and in some cases, the IRB has not yet received the submissions, as they are still awaiting departmental review and approval. So for this month’s tip, we outline how to go into the project file in iMedRIS and determine where a submission is in the process.

For an in-depth tutorial on this process, please see the PDF, “Easily Determine Submission Status in iMedRIS” prepared by the IRB Chair Colleen Gilrane.

Training Opportunities

Training opportunities are still available. Check out these upcoming events.

  • IRB 101 – An overview of IRB requirements and procedures designed for anyone interested in conducting human subjects research at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • IRB: Responding to Reviews – Learn how to respond in iMedRIS to requests for changes from the IRB.
  • IRB: Forms 2, 3, 4 and 7 – Learn how to modify an already approved study, request renewal of a study’s approval, report problems to the IRB, and request closure of a completed study.

Learn at Your Leisure

Check out our video, Path to IRB Approval.

Recorded at January’s Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Lunch Series, these tips and helpful hints will help you save time during the review process.

There are two more RCR Lunch Series sessions left this semester. Please consider signing up for these informative workshops!

IRB Metrics Update

This first graph highlights the number of submissions received over the last year (February 2015-February 2016). A monthly average of 232 studies and associated requests has been submitted for that period. During the month of February 2016 the IRB received a total of 236 submissions.

IRB Number of Submissions by Month and Review Type (March 2016)The second graph, below, highlights the average review time per month. The IRB continues to strive to maximize the efficiency of review for full board, exempt and expedited categories. The average review turnaround time for all submissions during the month of January improved by more than two weeks—from 20 days in 2015 to 5 days in 2016—continuing the trend of significant reduction across all review types.

Average IRB Turnaround Time by Month and Review Type (March 2016)


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